Smyrna Dog Bite & Animal Attack Injury Attorneys

The Weinstein Firm helps people who have been injured by dogs and other animals in Smyrna

Dog bites and other animal-related injuries accounted for more than one-third of all homeowners insurance liability claim dollars paid out in 2014, costing in excess of $530 million nationally. This shows that animal-attack incidents and injuries are very common, and that compensation is available to victims of an animal injury in Smyrna.

Legal experience is crucial when handling a serious Smyrna dog bite or animal attack claim

At The Weinstein Firm LLC, we understand the legal regulations involved in dog bite cases. We know how to build and support a successful injury claim. We are exceptionally skilled at negotiating with insurance adjusters to secure the highest possible settlements for our clients.

What types of injuries have the Weinstein Firm's clients suffered?

Some of the animal-attack injuries our clients have suffered include:

  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • Severed fingers
  • Punctured wounds
  • Scratches and cuts
  • Physiological trauma
  • Permanent disability

In cases where an owner violated a “leash law,” failed to properly supervise their animal, or simply did not put up adequate warning signs, they may be liable in the eyes of the law. If a person knowingly owns a dangerous or vicious animal, they may be liable for even more damages and may face criminal charges as well. The Weinstein attorneys evaluate every case carefully, and we identify any available source of compensation.

When someone is injured by a dog or other animal in Smyrna, what needs to happen next?

In any injury accident, it is crucial to get appropriate medical treatment, regardless of the immediate financial cost. This cost is typically paid out of an insurance settlement. Your Weinstein accident lawyer will gather copies of your medical records and bills to further support your insurance claim.

The major hospitals in the area include StoneCrest Medical Center.The regional medical centers include:

Emory University Hospital;

Piedmont Atlanta Hospital;

Atlanta Medical Center;

Northside Hospital Atlanta.

If the Smyrna Police Department or the Smyrna Fire & Rescue Department responded to an emergency call regarding the incident, your Weinstein attorney will get copies that will be used in your claim as well.

If you have suffered an injury, contact the Weinstein Injury Attorneys today

We will help you by:

  • Using our experience and expertise to evaluate your case;
  • Investigating the incident and determining fault;
  • Dealing with insurance companies;
  • Fighting on your behalf during negotiations or in the courtroom.

The Weinstein Firm offers a no-fee guarantee - There is no fee unless we are successful

The Weinstein attorneys handle all of their dog bite and animal attack cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that you pay nothing up front, and you pay no legal fees if your claim is unsuccessful. You only pay if we deliver a successful claim.

Contact us today to tell us about your injury or accident, to get your questions answered, and to learn about your rights and options. The Weinstein personal injury attorneys are experienced, compassionate, and aggressive in their determination to protect the rights of injured people and their families.