Atlanta Railroad and MARTA Accident Attorneys

While rare, railroad and MARTA accidents happen regularly in the Atlanta region, often with devastating results

Many railroad accidents are preventable and are caused by poor track maintenance, poorly marked railroad crossings, and distracted train operators. Regardless of the cause, railroad accidents are typically catastrophic, often resulting in severe injury or death for the victims.

How do the Weinstein injury lawyers help Atlanta train accident victims?

With our experience managing railroad accident claims, we possess a huge advantage. We know what our clients will be facing as they move towards recovery, we know how to build complete and compelling claims, and we know how the insurance companies will respond. Since insurance claims and policies related to railroad collisions are complicated, our experienced railroad accident lawyers efficiently navigate the path and avoid pitfalls that less experienced attorneys may struggle with.

Common causes of railroad accidents in Atlanta include:

  • Derailments;
  • Incidents were pedestrians or train patrons are hit or killed while at or near boarding and exit stations;
  • Spill of hazardous materials which cause toxic exposure, fires or explosions;
  • Collisions with trucks, cars and other motor vehicles at or near rail crossings;
  • Braking failures which lead to smash ups with other trains including head on collisions.

Train accidents can happen anywhere there are tracks in the region:

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Many of you heard of the tragic death of movie production assistant Sarah Jones who was struck and killed by a train in February of 2014 in Georgia while filming the movie "Midnight Rider." The movie's director, Randall Miller, was just released from his 2-year sentence early. Read more about this tragic accident, and the negligence that led up to it, at this link.