Prepare for huge increase in truck traffic in Atlanta

Submitted by Ingrid on Wed, 07/27/2016 - 13:02

According to the Atlanta Regional Commission, the residents and visitors of the greater metropolitan Atlanta region can expect a huge increase in commercial truck traffic over the next few decades, thanks in large part to a boom in the region's manufacturing and warehousing industries. 

How will this truck traffic increase affect Atlanta residents?

It is certain that as commercial trucking traffic grows, the region will see an increase in accidents and injuries related to semi truck collisions. The increase in road congestion, coupled with the increase in road construction projects brought about by the wear and tear that large vehicles do to the region's roadways, will certainly affect road users across the state. 

More truck traffic indicates a strong regional economy

While aggravating and potentially more dangerous for drivers, the expected increase in commercial truck traffic is due to Atlanta's role as the region's logistics capital, as well as a strong increase in population. These factors support a continued economic growth, making the problems of truck traffic easier to bear.

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