Atlanta Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys

Accidents caused by drunk or drugged drivers are a leading cause of injuries and deaths in Atlanta

The Weinstein injury attorneys work with many, many clients who have been injured in collisions caused by drunk or drugged drivers in Atlanta.

Our accident lawyers know that:

  • Many drunk drivers are repeat offenders;
  • Many should have monitoring devices, like ignition interlock devices, installed in their vehicles, but don't;
  • Many are under the supervision of parole officers who should be monitoring the offenders' behavior, but aren't;
  • Drunk drivers who are underage got the alcohol illegally; the person or establishment who provided it can be held responsible;
  • Many drunk drivers have been over-served in bars, taverns, or restaurants, making those establishments responsible in part for the resulting DUI crash.

Get information on drunk driving collisions from the Atlanta Police Department

The Atlanta Police Department offers information on drunk driving accidents. To learn more about how to request a collision report or other public records, contact them directly.

When someone is injured in a drunk driving accident in Atlanta, what needs to happen next?

When someone is injured, it is crucial to get appropriate medical treatment, regardless of the financial cost. The major hospitals in the area include:

Emory University Hospital;

Piedmont Atlanta Hospital;

Atlanta Medical Center;

Northside Hospital Atlanta.

It is crucial to immediately locate and speak with witnesses to the drunk driver's actions prior to, during, and after the crash.

Bartenders, waiters, and other patrons often hold the key to information that enable the Weinstein drunk driving accident lawyers to fully support our clients' claims. But witnesses tend to disappear, and bartenders tend to have hazy recollections of events, so immediate contact is necessary to preserve a claim.

When a drunk driving accident results in a serious injury or a fatality, the Weinstein Firm can help

When an injury is serious or a death occurs, contact the experienced Weinstein Firm drunk driving accident attorneys to start your financial recovery process by launching an insurance claim. Major injury or wrongful death claims are complicated and are hard to manage without legal help.

Since our personal injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation and work on a contingency basis, meaning that there are no up-front costs and all fees are paid when the claim is settled, there is no downside to speaking with us right away.

MADD, the amazing organization that focuses on protecting families from drunk driving, drugged driving and underage drinking, recently held the first DUI Victim Symposium in Atlanta, which offered support for DUI victims and crash survivor families, primarily those currently involved in the criminal justice process or those whose offender was incarcerated. The symposium offered information for attendees related to victim compensation, the Memorial Sign Program, prosecution and prevention.

In March of 2016, the State of Georgia expanded its legislation regarding ignition interlock devices, thereby improving safety for the public. This new law allows any first-time DUI offender to use an ignition interlock device. Since statistics show clearly that most first time DUI offenders have driven drunk many times before being caught, this new law goes a long way toward keeping habitual drunk drivers off the streets. 

Studies show these devices can deter drunk drivers from driving. However, in Georgia, it takes a second DUI conviction for drunk drivers to be required to use an ignition interlock device. Click here to see how Georgia and other states rank in this method of keeping drivers safe from drunk driving car accidents.