Atlanta Premises Liability Attorneys

When an injury is caused by an unsafe condition on someone's property in Atlanta, the Weinstein Firm can help

Premises liability is a legal concept that comes into play in personal injury cases where the injury was caused by some type of unsafe or defective condition on someone’s property. In order to win a premises liability case in Atlanta, the Weinstein injury attorneys prove that the property owner was negligent with respect to ownership and/or maintenance of the property.

Is every injury on someone's property considered premises liability? No.

It's important to note that simply because you were injured on someone’s property does not mean that the property owner was negligent. Further, simply because the property might have been in an unsafe condition does not automatically mean that the property owner was negligent. Your Weinstein injury attorney must prove that the property owner knew or should reasonably have known that the premises were in an unsafe condition, and still failed to take proper steps to remedy the situation.

The Weinstein injury attorneys have helped many Atlanta clients who were injured due to:

  • Unsafe or inadequate stairways or rails to prevent slip and falls;
  • Failure to place security alert systems;
  • Failure to warn individuals of a potential danger;
  • Failure to maintain locks or bolts to prevent trespassers;
  • Poor security or layout of a store display, causing injuries;
  • Failing to clean up a spill or warn customers or a slippery area;
  • Failure to provide security measures or sufficient lighting to keep guests safe;
  • Failure to promptly remove snow and ice from walkways;
  • Failure to maintain equipment on a work site.

After an injury, the Atlanta medical providers create records that support your claim

In any Atlanta injury accident, it is crucial to get appropriate medical treatment, regardless of the immediate financial cost. This cost is typically reimbursed out of an insurance settlement. Your Weinstein accident lawyer will gather copies of your medical records and bills to further support your insurance claim.

The major hospitals in the area include:

Emory University Hospital;

Piedmont Atlanta Hospital;

Atlanta Medical Center;

Northside Hospital Atlanta.

If the Atlanta Police Department or the Atlanta Fire & Rescue Department responded to an emergency call regarding the incident, they will usually produce a report that will be used in your claim as well.

If you believe your injury was caused by negligence, contact the Weinstein Injury Attorneys today

We will help you by:

  • Using our experience and expertise to evaluate your case;
  • Investigating the incident and determining fault;
  • Gathering evidence to support your premises liability claim;
  • Dealing with insurance companies and defense attorneys;
  • Fighting on your behalf in the negotiating room;
  • Delivering a compelling case in the court room if a full settlement isn't offered.

The Weinstein Firm offers a no-fee guarantee - There is no fee unless we win

The Weinstein attorneys handle all of their Atlanta premises liability cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that you pay nothing up front, and you pay no legal fees if your claim is unsuccessful. You only pay if we deliver a successful claim.

Contact us today to tell us about your injury or accident, to get your questions answered, and to learn about your rights and options. The Weinstein personal injury attorneys are experienced, compassionate, and aggressive in their determination to protect the rights of injured people and their families.