The Gwinnett County Courts assist the Weinstein attorneys handle civil injury claims

Submitted by Ingrid on Thu, 08/04/2016 - 09:08

Here at the Weinstein Firm, we work everyday with the amazing judges and personnel in the Gwinnett County court system as we move our clients' injury claims through the legal system. We are grateful for the cooperation and help we get from the Gwinnett County court officers and staff as we work through our cases to get the financial compensation our clients deserve for the damages they have suffered.

In Gwinnett County, our Weinstein attorneys depend on the help of the court personnel

The Gwinnett County Superior Court and state court offices, located in Lawrenceville, Georgia, are responsible for recording and maintaining all the filed documents for criminal and civil proceedings. They oversee the filing of case documents, both in office and during the court proceedings. Anytime negotiations with an insurance company fail to produce a settlement offer that our clients approve, the Weinstein attorneys begin the civil claim process, with the help of the Gwinnett County Courts.

How do the court personnel assist in a personal injury claim in Gwinnett County?

When the negotiation with the insurance company is unsuccessful, the next step is to file a civil claim with the court. Varied legal documents need to be filed, hearings, mediations, and arbitrations are scheduled and held, and the legal process works its way towards the trial. Every step of the way, the Weinstein attorneys depend on the efficiency and accuracy of the court personnel. Their dedication is invaluable.

Learn more about how we can help you with a Gwinnett County injury claim

The personal injury attorneys at the Weinstein Firm know from years of experience that it is important for accident victims to get all the help they need, in the legal, emotional, and medical realms, to fully support their recovery and help them move forward. If you have questions about an accident or injury, or aren't sure what to do next, give us a call today. We can give you information that will help you understand your options and know what to do next.